Fuck you if you don’t vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Yeah, I said it. I can only take so much bullshit from my fellow members of the liberal elite. Well, ok, I’m really talking about the ideologues in that group.

Look, I am not a fan of Joe Biden. Not long ago, I was calling him the “Uncle Touchy , the Segregationist.” Seriously, I used to make fun of him when he was V.P. He talks too much. he can’t shut the hell up and he says things that are crazy sometimes and other times he says things that make sense only after careful linguistic/forensic analysis. One of my favorite bits by Wanda Sykes sums this issue up quite well (Biden at 4:41). He and President Obama also sucked on immigration—like really badly—even before occupying the White House. They also both sucked on freedom of the press. I could go on…

As for Harris, I am still dealing with the trauma of supporting Anita Alvarez for Chicago D.A. I thought that maybe as a Latina, she could bring a more empathetic perspective. Boy, I was completely wrong. She was awful. She fought us on every attempt to reform criminal justice, even for minors. So my first instinct is to be suspect of another prosecutor of color—everyone where I grew up (Southern California) knows that the brown and black cops are often worse than the white ones. But I digress. My point is that I am not a natural fan of Kamala either.

I’m not going to get too far into the intellectually masturbatory “moderate vs progressive vs establishment vs corporate Democrat, et al.” garbage that’s clogging my social media feeds. People throw around a whole lot of bullshit terms, preferring ad hominem attacks to serious arguments. In any case, I don’t identify with any of those terms. I’m a registered independent. I think we need a more robust safety net, but I am not a socialist—maybe I’ve got some overlap with Social Democrats (e.g. Denmark)—note that I did not say Democratic Socialist as contrary to popular belief, they are a market-based, capitalist country. I do have a conservative streak, but it’s quasi-libertarian in that I am afraid of any organization, government, corporate entity, or secrete society, or whatever having too much concentrated power. This is probably because I was a young fan of Orwell, Huxley, and Bradbury. It’s also because when it comes to the police I have been brutalized by an overpowered, government-sponsored goon squad (LAPD) and so have many in my family; so, when people say “abolish the police,” I’m all in, happy to denounce Big Brother, albeit from a Brown man’s lens.

So you would think that with all this, I’d be right there with the “Biden needs to earn my vote” crowd. It isn’t an unreasonable conclusion, but you’d be dead wrong. I have lived through Reagan, Clinton, two Bushes, and Obama. Clinton did the most to screw up my life (though he his a nice guy in person, as is Hillary). DOMA prevented me from legalizing my husband. I am still—in 2020– dealing with an immigration crisis because of the combined effects of DOMA and the immigration crackdown of the late 90’s. I’m not even eligible to bring him into the country for another year and a half. Yes, I understand the Republican surge that happened in 1994 and the Contract With (on?) America which boxed him in. But you don’t get to keep quiet on a fundamental issue, like suffrage or equal marriage, or slavery, or anything that vital to maintain a political position. I prefer my leaders to stand up to tyranny even if it is at personal risk. I don’t think everyone should be a loose cannon or not pragmatic, but there are some things such as individual freedom from government oppression that require more of you. I say all this to be clear that I have skin in this game and I understand that Biden Harris 2020 isn’t a gift from heaven for people like me. They are both politicians with a very different threshold for “choosing to be practical,” than I have. But they are the best I can get right now.

I have to sponsor my husband for citizenship in less than two years. Thanks to Clinton and Newt Gingrich, it has been TEN years that he has been excluded from the country. TEN fucking years! Neither Democrats nor Republicans have made our situation any better. But make no mistake, Trump is something different all together. He is a fascist, racist, misogynist piece of garbage that is actively undermining our democratic freedoms in a way not seen since King George III. He is profiting from the office in a way more like Mugabe or Salinas de Gortari—he could even make a Chicago machine hack yell “throw the bum out!”

So just to be extra clear on this. While Clinton and Obama blessed and/or created the current state of affairs ruining my life (example the family separation problem and an out of control national police force called Customs and Border Protection with US Border Patrol thrown in for good measure); Trump and Stephen Miller are stretching that infrastructure into a Nazi-esque (circa 1930s) machine to denigrate, humiliate, incarcerate, and scapegoat immigrants that we have not seen since Japanese internment. Specifically, Trump has made it so that immigration interviews are really, really, really, hard to pass, eliminating any discretion that might have previously been exercised. If Trump is in office in January, I worry that my husband and I will NEVER be together.

So fuck you and your sanctimonious assignment of blame to the democratic establishment for you or others not voting for Biden, Harris. I am under no illusions when it comes to who they are. They are not here to usher in a messianic age. They are here to get us back to the status quo, which as I have already said, sucked really badly for me. But I’ll take that for now. At least my husband and I had a shot under that regime.

I get it. There so many other bad things that the Democrats enable or actively support. But the Republican party has become a serial killer vs the Dems just mugging you in broad daylight—trust me, you want the latter. The problem is in the system. We need to rethink the two party system. But currently, since Dems and Republicans have colluded multiple times to keep other parties out of power (see the undermining of Labor organizing in the early 20th century as well as the infiltration and dismantling of the Black Panther and La Raza Unida parties of the 1960s and 70s), the Dems can’t pick a radically left candidate. They really can’t. The majority of the country isn’t like us. And with an electoral college and Senate that is built on the over-sized voices of small states, it would be ludicrous if they even could. This is what happened with Trump. The Republican party is bleeding and is all but dead if you compare it to it’s liberal then moderate then conservative iterations. That implosion is what it would look like for the Democrats. Trying to cover every nuance in that party has made them spineless jellyfish—no offense to jellyfish. I get that.

But no revolution of the party system is going to happen in the next year, but Trump’s push to fascism will not only deliver a potentially lethal blow to the country, it will make it more difficult to stay here and stay married at the same time for e, yours truly, if you don’t eliminate him from the equation. Please vote for Joe and Kamala. Please. do it for me. And if you can’t get out of your ideological prison long enough to empathize with those of us getting screwed even worse than under previous administrations then, yes, that “fuck you” was just for you.

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