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Our regular readers may remember a post about a year ago called The New Caciques.  I told the story of an immigrant who had been duped into becoming a straw-buyer investor for an equity stripping scheme.  I withheld the name of the perpetrator for legal reasons since there wasn’t enough evidence to flesh out the […]

A good friend of mine participated in a scheme that robbed four families of the equity in their homes.  Shockingly, my friend, let’s call him Alfredo, had no idea that he had done this.  Alfredo is certainly no Bernie Madoff.  In fact, he his someone I could trust with the keys to my home or […]

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While some people look at cockroaches as disgusting pests, We view them as resilient organisms that predate humans and will likely outlive us as well. People of color, the poor, the downtrodden, and the oppressed, much like cockroaches, are often despised, feared and in some cases have been the objects of extermination.

We started this blog as an attempt to understand the complicated world we live in. Things have changed since the old days of conquest, colonization, and slavery. Anonymous living, consumerism, and mass media have made it difficult to identify the forces that make modern-day oppression possible. Thus, posts here tend to focus on corruption, media, bureaucracy, ethics, economics, law, human rights, short, We try to take a second-order inquiry into assumptions and systems that some of us take for granted. We also take time to challenge stereotypes that function to place us in a box. Occasionally, We just rant.

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