Associated Press Defends the Term “Homo”

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25 Oct 2012

The Associated Press has been asked to ban the term homo to refer to the community of gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual people in the United States.

While we understand that this is a term that is extremely offensive to many people in those communities, it is our job to use plain, clear language that the general public can understand.  The term gay doesn’t reflect reality because many lesbians and transgendered persons do not identify with that term.  The term (acronym) LGBT doesn’t clearly describe the reality of the situation, i.e., that all of these are in fact homosexuals.

While we could use the term homosexual, it is a bit too scientific for the general public; hence, we prefer the term most easily encapsulates the reality of these groups.  Homo both refers to the more scientific description while also being easily grasped by non-smart people.

Of course we wouldn’t encourage journalists to use terms such as butt-pirate or carpet-muncher, as this would be crossing a professional line.  The sensitivity of the topic requires careful deliberation.

  • We recommend that before using the preferred term, homo, one also be sure that the person or group in question has actually practiced homosexual sex.
  • This can be done by checking to see they have gay-married in a state where it is legal.
  • One can also check police records to see if the person has been convicted of a public decency violation (e.g. gay sex in a public restroom as was allegedly the case with homo, George Michael).

Our goal is to report fully and carefully on homosexual matters without obscuring the fundamental facts of the situation.

P.S.: One Special Case

We’ve been asked that if a person had homosexual sex once in college or at band camp but never did again and can be shown to be now living in a completely heterosexual relationship, should that person be called a homo?  In this case we believe that said activity was a phase and we would not be responsible journalists if we labeled such a large segment of society as homos.  They are clearly heteros.


This was inspired by the ridiculous defense of the term “illegal immigrant” by the Associated Press, I couldn’t help but follow their logic all the way through. Read a point-by-point legal rebuttal to their argument here.

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