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5 Aug 2011

NewPopulationBomb’s Jack A. Goldstone argues here that the United States is starting to look like France on the eve of its revolution.  There will be metaphorical blood on the streets, he says, if the rich don’ t become reasonable about taxes and shared burden.


And what of the consequences of the elites ‘no new taxes’ mantra?   The US is about to move into 2012 with four factors coming into view – an unemployment rate over 9%, a trillion-dollar increase in taxes over ten years on ordinary workers when Obama’s social security tax cuts expire (see my previous post), the expiration of long-term unemployment insurance for those out of work for two years, and the continuation of a $42 billion per year tax cuts for the rich if the Bush tax cuts are not allowed to lapse.  Just as the French elites could not see that their actions would fuel an extreme populist backlash, so today’s Republicans don’t seem to realize that this combination will likely bring a populist backlash against the rich that will make any prior talk of ‘class warfare’ seem like a weak metaphor.

While I think Goldstone is correct in channeling Alexis de Tocqueville‘s assessment that the French elites “spoke as if ordinary people were deaf and blind to what they were saying,” I think he underestimates the modern rich.  As the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch have demonstrated, one can make pro-rich policies look populist by funding groups like the Tea Party and slanting the news media to one’s cause.  As for what the future holds, I am starting to think that Orwell–not Tocqueville–had the best insights.

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