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***UPDATE: TAKE ACTION NOW*** I remember being horrified a few years back when Wal-Mart decided to open a store near Teotihuacan less than two miles from the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon.  Wal-Mart had already begun to rule the earth back then and was poised to destroy what little bit of culture in the […]

From this week’s The Economist print edition: “Barack Obama was inaugurated as America’s 44th president. In a whirlwind first year in office, Mr Obama overturned a prohibition on federal funding for stem-cell research, eased some restrictions on dealing with Cuba, lifted a ban on people with HIV traveling to the United States, pushed Congress to […]

Sometimes I forget that while the official political status of Chicanos in the Southwest was decided by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of 1848, even after a century, the status of Puerto Ricans on the Island has still not been resolved.  I remembered that fact today as I was reading about the celebrations being held all over the […]

By Casey, guest contributor. Did Christianity Cause the Crash? That’s the overblown title of this month’s cover story in the Atlantic Magazine.  Underneath the flashy headline is a well-written story about Latino immigrants and their attraction to the Prosperity Gospel, a “God Wants You to Be Rich” theology all too common in Pentecostal churches, the […]

As a youth, I was one of hundreds of activists who protested the Rose Parade back in 1992 (yeah, I’m getting old). For you northerners, Southwestern Chicanos tend to be more Native-centric about our heritage rather than being promoters of that Eurocentric concept Hispanidad…Thus, there we were–Chicano kids from MEChA hanging out with leaders from […]

Today’s Le Monde highlights the killing of Pepe, a descendant one of the hippos that escaped from drug-lord Pablo Escobar‘s ranch back in the 1980s. The article quotes animal rights activists, one of whom says he is not at all surprised that Colombia would seek a military solution to the hippopotamus problem as military response […]

My friend thinks that American media outlets are obsessing about Iran’s New Revolution in order to divert “our” attention from the revolutions happening here in our own back yard . While I won’t go as far as she does in attributing conspiratorial motives to the media or to the US corporation Conocophillips, I do believe that […]

Every time some new document is released about the Bush administration’s War on Human Rights, I can’t help thinking that what has been released is not nearly as bad as whatever was deemed not releasable.  President Obama has received a lot of criticism for disclosing torture memos.  But for those of us Chicagoans who are […]

Today’s Le Monde has a serious story on Sergio Cabral, the Governor of Rio de Janeiro, and his idea to bring free Wi-Fi to favelas (vecindades or ghettos).  The program is being touted as a way to help “liberate” the Brazilian poor by helping to socially integrate them with the rest of the world. I guess […]

A law professor of mine, Alberto Coll, once told me that the Cubans in Florida can be nasty if you are the guy who happens to disagree with them about Cuba or Castro.  He knew this to be true because he had made the mistake of questioning America’s embargo against the Cuban people. He said […]

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While some people look at cockroaches as disgusting pests, We view them as resilient organisms that predate humans and will likely outlive us as well. People of color, the poor, the downtrodden, and the oppressed, much like cockroaches, are often despised, feared and in some cases have been the objects of extermination.

We started this blog as an attempt to understand the complicated world we live in. Things have changed since the old days of conquest, colonization, and slavery. Anonymous living, consumerism, and mass media have made it difficult to identify the forces that make modern-day oppression possible. Thus, posts here tend to focus on corruption, media, bureaucracy, ethics, economics, law, human rights, short, We try to take a second-order inquiry into assumptions and systems that some of us take for granted. We also take time to challenge stereotypes that function to place us in a box. Occasionally, We just rant.

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